[][src]Struct beacon_node::ClientConfig

pub struct ClientConfig {
    pub data_dir: PathBuf,
    pub db_type: String,
    pub log_file: PathBuf,
    pub spec_constants: String,
    pub dummy_eth1_backend: bool,
    pub sync_eth1_chain: bool,
    pub genesis: ClientGenesis,
    pub network: Config,
    pub rpc: Config,
    pub rest_api: Config,
    pub websocket_server: Config,
    pub eth1: Config,
    // some fields omitted

The core configuration of a Lighthouse beacon node.


data_dir: PathBufdb_type: Stringlog_file: PathBufspec_constants: Stringdummy_eth1_backend: bool

If true, the node will use co-ordinated junk for eth1 values.

This is the method used for the 2019 client interop in Canada.

sync_eth1_chain: boolgenesis: ClientGenesis

The genesis field is not serialized or deserialized by serde to ensure it is defined via the CLI at runtime, instead of from a configuration file saved to disk.

network: Configrpc: Configrest_api: Configwebsocket_server: Configeth1: Config


impl Config[src]

pub fn db_path(&self) -> Option<PathBuf>[src]

Returns the path to which the client may initialize an on-disk database.

pub fn data_dir(&self) -> Option<PathBuf>[src]

Returns the core path for the client.

Creates the directory if it does not exist.

pub fn apply_cli_args(
    &mut self,
    args: &ArgMatches,
    log: &mut Logger<Arc<dyn SendSyncRefUnwindSafeDrain<Ok = (), Err = NeverStruct> + 'static>>
) -> Result<(), String>

Apply the following arguments to self, replacing values if they are specified in args.

Returns an error if arguments are obviously invalid. May succeed even if some values are invalid.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Config[src]

impl Clone for Config[src]

impl Serialize for Config[src]

impl Default for Config[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Config[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Config

impl Unpin for Config

impl Sync for Config

impl UnwindSafe for Config

impl RefUnwindSafe for Config

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