[][src]Enum beacon_node::ClientGenesis

pub enum ClientGenesis {
    Interop {
        validator_count: usize,
        genesis_time: u64,
    SszFile {
        path: PathBuf,
    RemoteNode {
        server: String,
        port: Option<u16>,

Defines how the client should initialize the BeaconChain and other components.



Reads the genesis state and other persisted data from the Store.


Creates a genesis state as per the 2019 Canada interop specifications.

Fields of Interop

validator_count: usizegenesis_time: u64

Connects to an eth1 node and waits until it can create the genesis state from the deposit contract.


Loads the genesis state from a SSZ-encoded BeaconState file.

Fields of SszFile

path: PathBuf

Connects to another Lighthouse instance and reads the genesis state and other data via the HTTP API.

Fields of RemoteNode

server: Stringport: Option<u16>

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ClientGenesis[src]

impl Clone for ClientGenesis[src]

impl Serialize for ClientGenesis[src]

impl Default for ClientGenesis[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for ClientGenesis[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for ClientGenesis

impl Unpin for ClientGenesis

impl Sync for ClientGenesis

impl UnwindSafe for ClientGenesis

impl RefUnwindSafe for ClientGenesis

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