[][src]Enum beacon_chain::BlockProcessingOutcome

pub enum BlockProcessingOutcome {
    Processed {
        block_root: Hash256,
    ParentUnknown {
        parent: Hash256,
    FutureSlot {
        present_slot: Slot,
        block_slot: Slot,
    StateRootMismatch {
        block: Hash256,
        local: Hash256,
    WouldRevertFinalizedSlot {
        block_slot: Slot,
        finalized_slot: Slot,



Block was valid and imported into the block graph.

Fields of Processed

block_root: Hash256

The blocks parent_root is unknown.

Fields of ParentUnknown

parent: Hash256

The block slot is greater than the present slot.

Fields of FutureSlot

present_slot: Slotblock_slot: Slot

The block state_root does not match the generated state.

Fields of StateRootMismatch

block: Hash256local: Hash256

The block was a genesis block, these blocks cannot be re-imported.


The slot is finalized, no need to import.

Fields of WouldRevertFinalizedSlot

block_slot: Slotfinalized_slot: Slot

Block is already known, no need to re-import.


The block could not be applied to the state, it is invalid.

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<BlockProcessingOutcome> for BlockProcessingOutcome[src]

impl Debug for BlockProcessingOutcome[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for BlockProcessingOutcome

impl Unpin for BlockProcessingOutcome

impl Sync for BlockProcessingOutcome

impl UnwindSafe for BlockProcessingOutcome

impl RefUnwindSafe for BlockProcessingOutcome

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